Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures - Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia I'm surprised to see all the negative reviews - I thought this was a fun read, though my experience with YA paranormal romance is limited to Twilight and this. If much better books in the genre exist, please let me know!

The book has a lot going for it, most notably Ethan, a fun narrator with great commentary on small-town Southern life. I found the magical world and the mystery surrounding the history that ties the two characters together engaging.

But the critics of this book are right, too - the book drags in places, which is interesting, considering the fact that this book is rumored to have been in edits for years.

Also, it broke an implicit rule in magical plots: an author can't solve the story's climax by simply throwing in new, previously unmentioned aspects of the magical world. I don't want to feel the author's hand, steering the plot. Toward the end, I felt a little cheated, like I didn't know the rules of the magical game, so I started caring less... and then the resolution was a disappointment.

Still, overall, I found the book an entertaining read!