The Name of This Book Is Secret

The Name of This Book Is Secret - Pseudonymous Bosch, Gilbert Ford The name of this book is well-crafted fun. I finished reading it aloud to my two, elementary-aged kids, and I think I enjoyed the ride just as much as they did. If you're a parent, I'd highly recommend this approach.

The mystery was just dark enough to create intrigue but light enough to remain firmly in kid territory. There was humor for all ages, along with a very intrusive narrator that pulled us out of the story to give us reading instructions and dissect the mystery genre.

We stopped reading along the way to discuss vocabulary ("dour is like sour, but sour is a taste, and dour is how someone looks"), explain adult jokes, discuss what usually happens in mysteries and make predictions. And as Harry Potter superfans, the kids were thrilled when the Philosopher's Stone was thrown into the mix, too.

All together, this was a perfect family read.