Stockholm Diaries, Caroline

Stockholm Diaries, Caroline - Rebecca  Hunter I love this book, but since I wrote it, I'm a little biased!

This is Caroline and Niklas's first book, and a follow-up on their story is coming in early 2016 ("Part 2," not a serial), along with some shorter stories about their adventures.

It's also the first book in the Stockholm Diaries series of steamy romances between North American women and Swedish men. My husband and I have lived in Sweden twice, and both times I met women from around the world with interesting, unique stories about meeting Swedish men and moving to Sweden. These stories involved chance meetings, uncertain risks and sacrifice, all in the name of love. The whole Stockholm Diaries series is a kind of tribute to all these stories.

Stockholm was our own home for three years, so the series is also a tribute to a city I know and love. One fundamental idea behind my stories is to explore romance and love with someone who comes from a different background—both the appeals and the difficulties.

I hope you enjoy the book!