Amazon Giveaway: Stockholm Diaries, Melanie

Stockholm Diaries, Melanie (Stockholm Diaries, #3) - Rebecca  Hunter

Click on this link to enter my first Amazon giveaway! The prize: One of four paperback copies of Stockholm Diaries, Melanie.


I'm at the beginning of my writing career, so mostly I'm just focusing on writing good books and getting some solid reviews. But I've also started testing some promotional tools for writers, mostly to see what they do. After hearing from other authors about their experiences with Amazon giveaways, I decided to try out my own.


The offer is similar to that of a Goodreads giveaway, where an entrant can win a paper copy of a book (no ebooks, the way Booklikes and LibraryThing allow), but I have a feeling that the audience is different. First, Amazon limits giveaways to US residents, and second, I'm not sure if typical entrants are actual readers or simply collectors of free things (I'm assuming Goodreads, Booklikes and LibraryThing are populated predominately by readers:).


I'm pretty sure Amazon publicizes their giveaways, but I'm unclear how. Any insight is welcome:)